Are you sick and tired of being told what not to eat?

Would you like to learn how to regain control of your health and food without sacrificing the simple pleasures of life?

Welcome to Vibrant Nutrition.

‘’In theory, eating well is simple but in practice it is often challenging. This is why Vibrant Nutrition prepares a tailor-made programme which is achievable and offers a new way of eating for life and for all of us busy people who expect results. Food is a powerful and healing tool which is available to all of us. Let me teach you how to fit nutrition into your life”.

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Magalie Paillard, BA, MA, DPSI, Dip. I.O.N., NTDC/FdSc, mBANT

Nutritional therapy is a holistic approach, aimed at treating the body as a whole – by addressing the root cause of the health problem rather than treating the symptoms.  It can be used alone or in conjunction with conventional medicine and many other holistic therapies. Nutritional therapists use whole foods, biochemical tests (when needed) and specialised supplements to rebalance the body’s system to restore optimum health.

Food influences repair, growth and body functions and can affect energy levels, mood and even our personality. With the intensified farming and abundance of processed foods these days, it makes it very difficult to obtain a well-balanced optimum diet. Our stressful lifestyles add to this challenge making it extremely hard to achieve an optimum nutrient intake from the foods we eat, leading us to feeling run down, exhausted and prone to infections.

While it is a positive thing to become aware of the importance of a healthy dietary lifestyle, most of us often fail to achieve our goals and return to our old way of life simply because these changes are not customised to our nutritional needs.

Magalie Paillard, BA, MA, DPSI, Dip. I.O.N., NTDC/FdSc, mBANT

Vibrant Nutrition is a nutritional therapy practice founded by myself – Magalie Paillard in 2008. I completed my training at ION , founded by Patrick Holford in 1984. I have since been trained on First Line Therapy programmes from Nutri Ltd and I am also fully trained to use the Dietx Electro Dermal Screen machine. I am a member of BANT as well as The Institute for Complementary Medicine and am on the British Register for Complimentary Practitioners and abide by a code of ethics which maintains high standards of education, discipline and practice. I am covered by full public indemnity and liability insurance. My aim as a practitioner is to empower people to accomplish their goal of living a healthier and fulfilling life by giving them the tools to do so themselves.

This is why I combine clinical nutrition with a way to implement these changes according to your unique biochemistry. We are all different and what works for someone may not work for someone else. This is the most important aspect of nutritional therapy. I believe in individualised programmes to suit everyone’s unique lifestyle from busy mums to super busy executives.

Nutritional therapy is there to help you achieve your goals with a balanced approach, simple explanation as well as constant encouragement.

I also work as a nutrition consultant for various companies, charities, private hospitals, Spas as well as well-being companies delivering nutrition lectures, nutrition programmes and articles. Consider me for nutritional advice if any of the following apply to you: Weight management, sport performance, diabetes, heart health, digestive health, food allergies, intolerance’s and females health.